Dear Mrs. Jester,
I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for the nice home you put me in.  I am really happy hear and I have Mommy and Daddy just about trained the way I want them.
I am really growing and I love to show off when they have company as Mommy has taught me how to retrieve toys when she throws them.  I bring them back to her and tug on her slacks to let her know I am there. 
I am almost 100% potty trained.  Their neighbor built a nice little run for me outside and I love being in the out of doors.  I am learning what "No" means pretty good.  Usually I just lay flat and look up at them with my pretty eyes and they just melt. 
Mommy found me a collar and has had it on me several times, but I don't much like it but I think I will get use to it soon. 
They have taken some pictures of me and Daddy will send them at the end of my message.  The one where Mommy is rocking me to sleep they have captioned "Bonding" and the other is to show you that Daddy gives me a treat whenI do something special.
Guess I better go now as I want to have one more romp before bedtime.  I sleep through the night real well till the coffee maker turns on in the morning and then I let them know it is time to get up.
Again Thank You for all you did for me.  I miss you and my siblings but wanted you to know I am real happy here.
Licks and Kisses, Prissy
P.S.  Since my Father's name was Martini on Ice they legally named me, "White Lightning".


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