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Become a Physical Therapist in Georgia

If you have a passion for helping others and want to pursue a career that offers great advantages, physical therapy could be the ideal career option. Whether you want to start your own practice or work at a hospital or clinic, there are plenty of possibilities to consider.

Education Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited program is the minimum educational requirement to become a Physical Therapist in Georgia. Earning a graduate degree, such as Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) or Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), can further advance your career opportunities.

In addition to clinical education, you will also gain in-depth knowledge of the physiology of the human body. You’ll discover how to analyze a patient’s history and order laboratory tests or imaging that help diagnose an issue and create treatment plans accordingly.

Physical therapists can be employed in a range of settings, such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes. Here you’ll be working with patients who have both acute and chronic injuries; additionally, you may provide home-based care for older adults or those recovering from orthopedic surgical procedures.

Licensing Requirements

If you are a physical therapist looking to move to Georgia, you must obtain a license before practicing. With this document in hand, it allows for employment at hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and private practices alike.

To become a licensed physical therapist in Georgia, you must earn your doctorate in physical therapy and complete a clinical internship. Furthermore, you must pass the state’s licensure exam as well as complete some continuing education requirements.

The licensing process is usually relatively expeditious, and you should receive your license within two to three months of filing your application. Alternatively, you may apply for a temporary license that allows you to practice while waiting for the board’s review of your application.

Job Duties

Physical Therapists diagnose and treat people who experience various health conditions, such as injuries or illnesses that restrict mobility. They employ therapeutic techniques to restore motion and function, reduce pain, and prevent disability.

Physical therapists have a variety of tasks, such as reviewing patient medical records, ordering lab tests and imaging, performing physical examinations and creating comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each individual. Furthermore, they collaborate with their patients on fitness and wellness initiatives which enhance mobility while helping prevent future disability.

Physical therapists frequently work in a bustling office setting, with numerous appointments and administrative duties to complete each day. To succeed, physical therapists must possess excellent time management abilities as well as be adaptable when adapting treatment plans according to each patient’s requirements.


As a Physical Therapist, you assist injured patients in regaining mobility and managing pain. After assessing their medical history, creating a treatment plan, and instructing them on exercises designed to build strength, flexibility, and mobility; you provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Physical therapists are in high demand throughout Georgia as the state’s population ages and more people look for non-pharmaceutical treatment options. They work in private offices, hospitals, nursing homes and patients’ homes.

As a Physical Therapist, you’ll have the privilege of helping others live more active lifestyles while enjoying excellent health insurance and retirement savings options.

Georgia’s average salary for a Physical Therapist is $88,950 annually. This figure is slightly below the national average due to Georgia’s older population and more rural areas than other states, although salaries in other states may be higher.