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Dog care suggestions: Here’s just how do deal with pet’s travel stress, motion sickness – Hindustan Times

Updated upon Sep 01, 2022 08: 32 PM IST

Did you know your dog might become destructive or hostile when anxious and may lose their own appetite and become completely taken if the stress is not addressed? Check out these guidelines for pet parents to cope with pet’s motion sickness plus travel anxiousness

Pet care tips: Here's how do deal with pet's travel anxiety, motion sickness (Photo by CDC on Unsplash)

Pet treatment tips: Below is how do handle pet’s journey anxiety, motion sickness  (Photo by CDC on Unsplash)

By Zarafshan Shiraz , Delhi

Anxiousness is not only a common trait in humans but animals may also suffer from this as stress and anxiety can express itself in multiple ways, from whining and barking to shivering and whimpering. The family pet might also turn out to be destructive or hostile whenever anxious plus over time, they may lose their own appetite and become completely withdrawn if the nervousness is not tackled.

Pet motion sickness plus travel panic is a familiar story too and in extreme cases it can severely restrict the encounters that we can enjoy with our animals. In an job interview with HT Lifestyle, Aamir Islam, Co-Founder of Bring My Pet, shared, “If your dog is suffering from extreme journey anxiety, an extended term behavior approach may be required. Exercise and psychological stimulation are critical to reducing stress. Speaking to your pet in a calm, soothing voice, bringing a few favourite playthings along for that ride or playing several soothing songs helps to soothe its nerves. If factors are still out of control, immediately take your pet to the veterinarian because they would probably provide a drug treatment to reduce your own dog’s general anxiety. ”

According to Doctor RT Sharma, Veterinary Surgeon at Dog Hospital and Boarding Refuge, there are different reasons causing pet stress and anxiety and each pet has their very own coping mechanisms for the same. He or she revealed, “There is splitting up anxiety, take a trip anxiety, panic from a loss of the owner, and so forth While traveling, extreme climate conditions or splitting up anxiety from their human could be trigger factors for nervousness. The symptoms can vary from dog to pet, like abnormal behaviour, disobeying, peeing/pooping in the house, loss of hunger, etc . ”

He recommended, “First and primary point for any family pet parent to perform is to deal with the issue to check out reasons for the particular anxiety attack plus accordingly action on the same. Teach your house animals for numerous circumstances, seek advice from your veterinarian who can more put the domestic pets on sedatives or provide anti stress drugs in the event that needed. Active or youthful dogs are more prone to encounter anxiety in comparison to older dogs since older dogs are more tuned to the surroundings. Furthermore, be mindful of your personal demeanor because pets may sense your feelings, so it is always better to try to be a calming influence. ”

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