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Whether you’re leaving your furry family member for the night or are going on a vacation without all of them, having a high quality pet sitter is a no-brainer. However , determining what to pay money for overnight dog sitting can be another story.

There are a lot of things to consider whenever finding anyone to care for your own pets in your absence. Yet even if you think you’ve considered everything, it is likely that there will still be conditions – it’s therefore crucial to speak with and obtain to know any pet sitter before you employ them.

Need care for your favourite fuzzy friend(s), but aren’t sure what to spend? Read on for a few helpful tips.

Just how much does pet sitting price?

The average dog sitting price across Sydney is around 20 dollars an hour. However , taking a selection of factors into consideration, such as the variety of pets (some sitters may charge a good hourly rate per pet) and type of care required (more about this shortly), prices can be higher, especially if over night boarding is necessary.

While this may come as a shock if you’ve just ever had your family and friends do you the favour associated with watching the one you love pets, it’s important to remember that you’re paying for a professional degree of care. With regards to the cost of family pet sitting, it is a good idea to figure out the level of care you need and obtain to know a number of pet sitters in your area . This way, you could find the pet sitter that works best for you and your family pet.

Should pet sitters become paid per hour or a level rate?

The vast majority of pet sitters and canine walkers in Australia charge an hourly rate. If you’d prefer to pay a flat price, this may be some thing you can bargain with your pet sitter.

What is the going rate designed for house sitting down with a family pet?

If you’re heading out of city for a few times or more, you might be looking for anyone to care for your dog, as well as your house. If this could be the case (and especially if you are asking the pet/house sitter to stay over), the rate must be higher than when they were simply dropping in for walks or to feed the particular pet(s).  

It’s useful asking any kind of potential pet sitters beforehand just how much they will charge to mind both your house and your pet(s), that way you are able to shop around or negotiate with them.

What must i factor straight into my pet sitter’s price?

When it comes to identifying a pet seated rate, there are a variety of things to consider. Here are some of the very common factors that can influence pet sitting down rates:

  1. Your location and the average rates in your area.
  2. Time spent caring for pet(s).
  3. Amount of animals.
  4. Kind and size of animal(s).
  5. Duties and tasks.
  6. Pet sitter’s encounter.

1 ) Your location as well as the average rates in your area

While the average price across the country is certainly $20, the main element word the following is ‘average’. In general, if you live in an area with a higher cost associated with living, you are likely to pay more for the dog master or family pet sitter within an area using a lower cost associated with living.

2 . Time spent caring for pet(s)

According to the veterinarian plus expert to the matter, family pet sitting prices should also reveal the level of treatment required, which usually generally includes a direct relationship with the amount of time a sitter will invest with your pet.  

Rates should consequently be motivated based on treatment requirements, such as the number of strolls or perform sessions, the advantages of backyard or even litter box waste materials cleaning, medication administration, richness activities, teaching, transportation and when the pet sitter is required to hotel at the house. For instance, short-term fish sitting gigs usually require much less care than a dog, and therefore a lower price. However , care of a saltwater tank or even long-term aquarium maintenance may require the skills of an aquarist. Occasionally a pet sitter is simply serving the fish, and occasionally you might need these to do water-quality testing and so forth, so the rate should be identified on a case-by-case basis.

As well as the amount of time a sitter will spend together with your pet everyday, another thing to think about is how long a sitter will be watching your pet.   Pet owners sometimes ask if the duration of the pet sitter’s care will impact their price, as well as the answer is definitely: probably. A few sitters might be willing to provide a small discount for longer treatment, so this is something you could attempt negotiating with them. You can always ask if they offer package pricing for walks, or have a weekly walk rate vs an one-off walk, however your pet sitter or dog walker still needs to run their business and pay their expenses, which means discounts may not often be an option.

3. Number of creatures

Think the rate should alter if you need care for more than one dog? It depends.  

When pets have the same nutritional and exercise requirements, it is generally easier to care for more than one animal at a time compared to caring for various animals with different needs at the same time. And when house animals get along, this certainly also makes the job easier. For instance , if a trio of canines can eat the same meals together at the same time in a harmonious relationship, are behaviourally compatible and walk on the leash well in conjunction, it should be a comparatively hassle-free work. However , if each pet is on a specialised prescription diet, you are fear-aggressive or not neutered plus they can’t be walked or fed at the same time, a pet sitter will have additional work on their own hands. Additionally , if you have a number of animals in your home that require care, the pet sitting rate will probably go up—it goes without saying that 3 dogs, 2 cats and 10 chickens will cost several dog and a goldfish.

4. Type and size associated with animal(s)

Pet sitters frequently charge better pay for dogs than cats and kittens because canines usually require walks plus playtime, which usually isn’t usually necessary for felines. Pet sitters shouldn’t always need to cost a higher rate regarding exotic animals, like fish or reptiles, as the amount of time it takes to care for all of them shouldn’t surpass that of a puppy or a kitty. However , when it comes to dogs, the breed may affect pet sitting prices. Care for bigger dogs usually costs over for smaller sized dogs.

five. Duties plus tasks

Some pet sitters may cost for the following additional solutions on top of their particular hourly price:

  • Applying medication.  
  • Special preparing food.

six. Pet sitter’s experience

While it may be attractive to cut costs by going with the pet sitter who provides the best price—don’t. Choose a family pet sitter you might have met or know individually and trust to provide your fur baby with the best care. You can not put a cost on a family pet sitter along with years in the business. After all, you are paying for their sound experience and knowledge.

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