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Family pet care: Ways to take care of your own dog’s feet – Hindustan Times

Published upon Sep 11, 2022 05: 28 PM IST

It’s crucial to keep in mind that similar to your skin, ft, and hands, your pet’s paws require regular treatment. Know through an expert the particular ways to maintain your dog’s ft healthy.

Pet care: Tips to take care of your dog's feet(Unsplash)

Pet care: Ways to take care of your dog’s feet(Unsplash)

Dog foot treatment is a crucial aspect of dog maintenance. Without the right safeguards and protective maintenance, strolling on the ground may cause serious harm to your pet’s paws. It can crucial to keep in mind that much like the skin, feet, and hands, your pet’s paws need normal care. If you do not take care of your own dog’s foot, it could lead to matting between their feet, burns from walking upon too-hot sidewalk, blisters, or ripped paws. If your canine licks in the matting between their feet, it can result in walking problems or a range of skin problems. Injured paw pads create walking unpleasant and can become infections . (Also look at: Pet treatment: Ways to preserve oral cleanliness in domestic pets )

Within an interview with HT Life-style, Dr . Chetan Vanjari, Veterinarian and Originator of Pet Ark Veterinary Clinic, recommended ways by which you can take care of your dog’s feet.

  1. Nail trimming

Nail growth within dogs varies individually. This will depend on their price of toenail growth, every day activity, type of floor these are kept etc . So essentially getting fingernails trimmed every 1 to 2 several weeks is a good practice.

2 . Hair trimming around foot pads

The hair between your paw pads sometimes keeps foreign systems like stones and debris which might aggravate the skin plus cause injuries. It continues interdigital area damp upon rainy times causing microbial or fungal infections.

3. Paw creams

Applying paw creams helps in avoiding hardening and cracking of foot pads.

4. Going outdoor

Going outdoors for roaming or for a hike with your pet is usually okay. But you need to be very careful about the surfaces you choose. Rocks that were sharp in lake beds and on a mountain can cause really deep lacerations of feet. Wounds within the paw heal very gradual plus they hemorrhage a lot if get hurt. Also venturing out on incredibly hot sunny days on concrete roads may also cause unpleasant burns upon footpads.

5. Clicks and fleas

Spaces between digits and footpad make a great home intended for external parasites such as clicks and fleas. Regularly look for these unwanted organisms there. In case present after that need to use tick and flea preventive meds to avoid infectious illnesses caused by them.

six. First-aid with regard to paw injuries

one Clean the particular wound with clean water.

2 . In case bleeding excessively then utilize pressure for the wound to prevent bleeding (if still not really stopping after that rush towards the closest vet clinic)

three or more. Apply antibacterial solutions this kind of eg. Savlon (chlorhexidine).

four. Do not make use of irritating options like Dettol or Hydrogen peroxide to avoid unnecessary discomfort and discomfort of the paw.

5. Soon after, apply an antimicrobial/ antiseptic ointment for example. Betadine

6. Apply the bandage over the paw plus perform outfitting every day till the wound cures.

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