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Pet Aid of Tulsa offers tips to maintain your pets safe on Halloween – KOKI FOX 23 TULSA

TULSA, Okla. — The best areas of Halloween—candy, outfits and trick-or-treaters—may be the most severe parts designed for furry family members. As the vacation gets nearer, it’s important to think about the protection of your pets.

From chocolate safety in order to anxious household pets, Mai Tan, animal treatment coordinator on Animal Aid of Tulsa , provides tips to maintain your pets safe on Halloween.

Candy and treats

Delicious chocolate and other candies are harmful to dogs, but that won’t stop all of them from trying to get some.

Tan said it’s important to be prepared in case your dog sneaks a treat.

“I would certainly recommend placing it within a secure jar with a lid, or inside a cupboard, ” said Bronze. “Just do not even leave it out there. Don’t even give them the choice. ”

Tan also recommended having telephone numbers for emergency vets prepared to go on your refrigerator.

“When emergencies happen, occasionally you can’t think straight, therefore it’s good to just have got those amounts on the refrigerator, ready to go, ” said Bronze. She indicates having the numbers of Animal Emergency Center plus Oklahoma Vet Specialists. They may be both 24/7 veterinary healthcare centers in Tulsa.

Dog anxiety

Suntan also stated if your pet has anxiousness, make sure they have got a secure space to go when trick-or-treaters come to the doorway.

“Making sure they have their particular safe space set up, whether that huge your big comfy bed with additional blankets. The TV on or the radio is a superb distraction, ” said Color.

Tan stated tight-knit clothing or wraps for your dog like a ThunderShirt or little sweater will also help relax your puppy by simulating the feeling to be hugged.

Outside safety

What about letting your pet outdoors? Bronze said to make sure your pet includes a secured dog collar and teather or control and leash when you take them outside.

If your pet will go missing, posting their details and a picture to Instagram, Facebook as well as the Nextdoor App will display people what to look out for.

Tan also mentioned not to forget about your cat’s safety on Halloween.

“Cats are also doorway darters, therefore be cautious of them. Make sure you ask them to put away too, even if they’ve got to spend the evening within the bathroom or even small room, ” said Tan. “Cats are way harder in order to catch when they get out than dogs are. ”

Emergency vet resources in Tulsa

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